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What Does Being A Garden Design Student Entail?

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Friday, Sep 9, 2016

If you see yourself as a bit of a creative type and adore all things green and leafy, then maybe a career as a garden designer is the career for you. You need to have a liking for people as well, as a lot of your time will be spent dealing with clients, so if you have good admin skills and are able to communicate ideas well, you are off to a great start. When you are a garden designer, you could find yourself designing a garden for a public space owned by a council, working on a community project or working with a private client to bring their dream garden to life. As you can see, picking up the skills needed to design a garden can be very rewarding, but how do you go about it?

Well, there are many colleges across the country that offer garden design courses – either part-time, full-time or online. The courses that we offer at Pickard School of Garden Design are aimed at training students to become talented and professional garden designers, whereas other schools offer courses more suitable for those who just want some help designing their own garden. No prior gardening qualifications are needed to apply for our Diploma courses, but we have found that some students prefer to take one of the many RHS courses on offer in order to improve their horticultural knowledge.

Over the years that we have been offering garden design courses, we have found that many students come to us to retrain after a career break, or because they want to completely change their career. This is why we have shaped our course offering to include things like CAD (Computer Aided Design), plant identification and surveying. We know that the initial outlay for the course means that we have to provide you with the skills and knowledge that you need to build a successful career.

Garden design training can be quite intense. Many students have been surprised at how much hard work is involved. Our aim is to prepare you to run a business, so you should be prepared for it to take over your life! You need a good attitude and lots of determination to succeed as a garden design student, so that once you have completed the course you can carve out a career as a successful garden designer. You will need to get out there and advertise yourself and work hard to start earning money.

Don’t just take our word for it, check out the testimonial of Samantha Mackay, one of our past students and now the owner of SM Gardens. Sam says: “The reason I chose to do a course with PSGD was that it was very practical. The lectures were given by people actually working in garden design. This gave me both the necessary skills and the confidence to set up my own business. The school continues to provide me with advice and support as I build my business. I was encouraged to get my first commissions before the end of the course. This meant that I was able to take my first designs into the classroom for review which gave me the confidence to set myself up in business as soon as the course was over. In my first year of business, I designed 16 gardens. In my second year, I had designed this number by June. I certainly feel extremely confident about the future.”

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